Thursday, May 22, 2014

Hey You

After a series of half hearted attempts littered on both my dearly departed original and new(ish) hard drives, today is the day that I finally updated this little space of mine in part because it has been too quiet around here and because something needed to get to done that didn’t involve brainstorming. Considering that June will be here in less than 2 weeks it’s kind of embarrassing that back in December I had planned on blogging more for the new year. That was false.

Amongst all of the proposals, revisions, the emails, meetings, inspiration boards, daytime duties, and cocktails (because sometimes they are pertinent), I have been in my own world constantly expressing how there isn’t enough time for anything. While being busy is good for the most part, I’ve let the spring time when flowers are at their most alluring (no really, more people need to get married during this time of year) slip on by.

May is especially my favorite Spring month. I mean how can you not love it? It’s in the sweet spot where spring and summer start flirting with each other. When the colors get a bit more depth but there are those little blossoms still linger with the promise that there is more to come. So much goodness happens this month that I really adore it.

I made this arrangement for my Mom when she came for a visit Mother’s Day weekend. She’s considered getting peony bushes for her yard. I seriously considered encouraging it for my own selfish reasons.

My photo skills (or the little had) are lost. More practice is in order. I will schedule it in somewhere.

Thursday, August 22, 2013


The moment I realized that the summer was slipping away was after viewing a slew of back-to-school commercials by accident (it was a show recording). That, along with increased traffic in the morning are always dead giveaways that fall is around the corner. Granted, I LOVE (yes, the caps are necessary) the fall and I still associate it with new notebooks and gel pens, changing colors, and slightly cooler temps but I’m not ready to let go of summer. So with that in mind, and unexpectedly realizing that fall starts a month away from today, well I am going to pretend that it’s just starting, cause why not?

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

A Hint of Summer

It's been a while...

Forgive me?

Thursday, June 06, 2013


May was good to me. Celebrating my Mom, celebrating us, flowering for friends, flowering for florists whose work I have admired from afar, and meeting new couples. Entering into last week was particularly good. You know that spike you get mid-morning after a having a cup of coffee? That was me but from Friday until Tuesday morning when my Mom called at a time that she never does which means the news was not good.

The day before, Z and I spent the Memorial Day afternoon with his Tia and Tio, their sons and their families. Z’s little cousin walked in the family room, she cheerfully said “hi” and gave me a hug then with some reluctance did the same for Z. She is kind of irrationally scared of him. I remember that feeling. I once had that for the relative at the center of my Mother’s news. He and my Aunt were married for 56 years. They eloped. He served in Korea. They had two children that as a kid I mistook for years as my aunt and uncle due to the 20+ age difference and 5 grandchildren who were closer to my age.

I look back on those memories of me being irrationally scared of him. He didn’t bite, he wasn’t mean to me and he never responded with annoyance to my fear. Just a “Really? Ok,” look on his face. With 31 knocking on my door (hardly a big number), I don’t fear getting older, I fear losing more of my family. You have no idea how terribly sentimental I am.

That is a strange thing I have especially since I work with a product that is already dying. I actually used to get attached to flowers in a particular stage which was silly. Over time I learned to change that feeling, or I should say, accept this fact.

It's a process but I'm doing the same in other areas too.

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

May Day

It's the first day of my burgeoning favorite month. The flowers are blooming, summer is around the corner, and celebrations are on the horizon. There is just so much promise in the month. Another thing that I love about this time of year is the return of saturated color. Sure I'm starting to appreciate white flowers and have a soft spot for pastels but I would lying if I didn't say that saturated gets me pumped. (Full disclosure: I am wearing some coral flats as I type this.)

Speaking of coral...

Mayday! Mayday! (The secret is out. I'm corny.)

Tuesday, April 23, 2013


I try not to have favorites when it comes flowers. Actually, I have this bad habit of saving what I deem as the best for something special but then end up a with significant amount of specimens for various reasons. But then every year (typically a little later) this time, they arrive and rarely do I pass up a chance to to pick up a bunch.

As I get older, Coral Charm Peonies continue to hold so much meaning to me. I put them up there with my childhood staples -- camellias, rose bunches, and plum trees -- snippets from my Grandparent’s home. For example, when I got married almost 4 years ago (whoa) these were the flowers that I wanted to the most. I won’t even lie, these along with a long weekend were the reasons why me and Z wed Memorial Day weekend. They were in my bridal bouquet and in our centerpieces. Their changing color is what drew me in.

As a woman, I think we get a little too hard on ourselves about getting older. You start worrying about holding on to your youth or what you think was absolute best self without ever giving that newer you a chance.

To me Coral Charm peonies exudes beauty that doesn’t shed as it gets older, it only reveals another layer. Complexity in the most simplest form: accepting and embracing change.

I have various other reasons as to why I love these blooms and chances are high that I will share another example soon.


Thursday, April 04, 2013


It’s a hazy day here in Los Angeles or at least from the hill where I am. Tonight I start a new fitness class in Downtown LA and like a new kid at their first day of school I’m so nervous. What if I fall? What if my shirt is too short? What if it is full fit people who have nothing else better to do? I hate being the slow one trying to catch up. And don’t even get me started on my (lack of) coordination skills. It’s kind of embarrassing. But then I remember that it only gets better after your first time.

This is how my love affair with poppies started. The first time I got these bouncy blooms not only did they not bloom but they died very quickly. After that experience and another one that had a slightly better result (3 stems opened) I steered clear of them and in a huff exclaimed “Stick with what you know!” (but that is so boring when there is some much to be found). Later, armed with more knowledge and confidence. I picked up a bunch and well, fell in love. I love their alien head looking pods. Their wiry stem that has certain spring in their look. Their flouncy petals are textural but can add some unexpected softness. I love that their bunches come in different colors too. Each time I picked up a bunch whether it is intentionally or just cause I found something else to love about them. I will try to keep that in mind when I’m struggling in class today.