Thursday, May 31, 2012

Ranunculus, Clematis and a Nod

A few months ago, Z and I set out in the wee hours of a Saturday morning to the flower mart to celebrate another year of coupledom. As I was combing through the flowers, an older woman was inspecting some pink flowers with a friend when she turned to Z and asked him about the “ranunculus”. My husband--a man who is not shy about interrupting me when I get into a flower frenzy, with a firm but soft, “I don’t care about flowers”--looked back at her and said:

“Those aren’t ranunculus. They’re peonies and not in season which is why they don’t look too hot.”

I know that this reveals my geekiness but I was super freaking proud of him. Z doesn’t front. He doesn’t pretend to be interested in everything I do but hearing some confirmation that he knows what’s up made my day. (He’s totally rolling his eyes right now -- guaranteed.)

This arrangement is from the fruits of that trip, which includes viburnum, ranunculus, garden roses, lilac, rice flower, astrantia, and two types of clematis. I’m going to be honest: clematis is the current It Girl. Yup, I said it and no, I’m not hating or anything. Just observing. After all, it’s been featured prominently among the floral designer set for the last several months. There is one wholesaler at the flower mart who has the cut flower clematis (the large purple flower). Another wholesaler carries the smaller clematis that is not open very much (to be honest -- I love their bud shape). Clearly I’m not above getting caught up in the hype because clematis does have it goin' on. It just cracks me up when you pick up on little stuff like that. Last Saturday, I joked with a floral friend that I was going to attempt to bring lilies back.

Instead on my most recent trip to the mart, I grabbed a bunch of peonies because they looked soooo good. Dear coral charm I hope you are in the right shade when I get home.

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