Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A Zinnia Bouquet For Now

I have to be honest here: I feel like the Summer is slipping away from me. It’s not that I haven’t enjoyed it or made time for things. It’s just damn, September is next month? Wait, kids are in school already? Wait, what?!

Oh and don’t even get me started on this heat wave that's holding Los Angeles hostage. As someone who grew up in 100+ degree weather, I am slightly ashamed to say that this wave is putting a serious crimp in my evenings. Plus, it makes me cranky. I think it’s adding fuel to Z’s idea to move to Long Beach. Yeah, we just moved but the man is always thinking ahead. ALWAYS. Cool temps, better prices, he already has friends living there, etc. Me? I’m still trying to figure out what I want for dinner. Actually, I’m more concerned with what I will unpack tonight cause we (read: me) are so not done.

After such a long hiatus, I was recently itching to visit the flower mart just for me. I hadn’t been to the mart just for me in months, and wanted some dahlias cause they are awesome and in season. Instead some zinnias -- the Sassy to Gerber daisies' Teen, which I hate (sorry if you are a fan of the Gerber) -- caught my eye. Why aren’t more people interested in this flower? It comes in pretty colors, it’s interesting, not very expensive and is just overall an awesome bloom.

I also picked up some clover, cotinus, blackberries, flowering basil, spray roses, and snapdragon. I didn’t have much of a setup for cleaning / putting these blooms together but I was determined to make something pretty. Too bad I didn’t have the right setting to properly capture the arrangement. Stacks of packed boxes mean very little room to work with. Then the battery in the camera died and I could not remember where I packed the charger or the fully charged extra battery, which undoubtedly was in the charger. Yes, I still have miles to go.

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