Thursday, October 25, 2012

Dahlias and Pokeweed

I tried desperately to take proper pictures of this bouquet but I could not make it work. When it comes to capturing the bouquets, it’s a two person partnership with my husband capturing while I’m propping. The man was out that day so I made various poor attempts of capturing this bouquet with the camera. Then there were my feeble attempts in front of a mirror with my iPhone. Have I mentioned to you that I am an awkward 30 year old woman? It’s true. So instead here are mostly close ups. Using leftovers, I wanted to play with shape a bit something I don’t do enough.

Also, I didn’t want to split a stem of pokeweed so there is errant section standing tall and missing a friend as a result of this. Perfection is kind of boring anyway.

(But I still wish I had an extra dahlia anyway.)

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