Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Faded | Dahlia and Bay Laurel Arrangement

Last weekend was the first free weekend (i.e., not working) I've had in a long time. I've never understood how truly busy people can take the time out of their tortuous schedule to announce that they are busy.

This past weekend was a glorious reprieve. A break and reminder of what I am working for and that it's ok to take some time off for me and for Z. Three years too long ago, my husband and I visited France. It was the most fulfilling trip we had ever taken. We stayed in an apartment in the 1st arrondissement in Paris, we visited multiple museums (cause we are nerds who love history), we ate meats, potatoes, eggy dishes, bread -- lots of delicious bread, while I drank (yeah, my husband doesn't) and sometimes we just hung out at cafes with no rush. It amazed us the easy, relaxing temperament that pervaded the French culture particularly at restaurants (oh there were other things too but they would probably bore you). Then we returned home and well, yeah. It’s been about work, getting ahead, homes, decorating, planning, blah, babies, wait, blah. We still take small trips but man did an episode of No Reservations had me longing for the French way of life again. Confession: would you believe that we are hoping and working towards one day retiring there? I should note that my husband, who was 25 at the time, suggested this. There is nothing wrong with thinking ahead and working for something better down the road but something has to be said about enjoying now. Living on a whim every now and then. About taking small steps and lingering on them a bit and ultimately just rolling with what you got. I sort of fell in love with flowering again Friday. No rush, no restraints, no following a recipe -- no plan. Just picking what appealed to me. Working with what I have. Enjoying my work. Then hanging with my honey -- beach, crustaceans, and a fixed GMC truck was involved. Thanks to the bay laurel (my favorite green) this arrangement looks mighty spring and I don’t care. I love it regardless. Z called it pale but I preferred faded for these fall-ish times. For me faded implies mellowness and faint hints. I do like how the bay leaves add some crispness to the arrangement which is quite fitting for this time of year. Boots, scarves, ramen and I got you.

If you follow me on Instagram then you already know this is the backside.

In. Love.

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