Tuesday, January 29, 2013


I know it’s been quiet around these parts for a while but considering that February is happening on Friday, it’s a relief that I have really started to get my footing for this year. Things that had been in the back burner due to time are now in the forefront like I can finally set up my studio, add those new caster wheels to my work table, discovered my desk, re-arranging shelves. I feel that I work best in an organized, clean environment (but slightly worn in, if that makes any sense) so I am looking forward to the progress I have made there and in turn here too.

Speaking of which. I am also revisiting cleansing. Last year I attempted to go a 1 day juice cleanse and failed miserably. This year I decided to revisit it but instead of just cleansing but consuming more juice. So far I am liking the offerings of Pressed Juicery (Greens 2 is doable, the almond milk is nice, Roots 2 is ok). I discovered Whole Foods carries the Blueprint Cleanse which I was mildly obsessed with trying last year but now the only item I am curious about is the cashew milk. I also found that I like the taste of the Master Cleanse “lemonade” and it leads for a nice energy boost for me. Last year started off a bit rocky for me so now with everything more comfortable but still has that hint of new, I can’t wait to practice, to meet new people, and do more flowers.

I also upgraded my camera from a Canon Rebel xsi to a 60D and discovered manual mode which still blows mind.

Another thing to look forward to...

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