Tuesday, April 23, 2013


I try not to have favorites when it comes flowers. Actually, I have this bad habit of saving what I deem as the best for something special but then end up a with significant amount of specimens for various reasons. But then every year (typically a little later) this time, they arrive and rarely do I pass up a chance to to pick up a bunch.

As I get older, Coral Charm Peonies continue to hold so much meaning to me. I put them up there with my childhood staples -- camellias, rose bunches, and plum trees -- snippets from my Grandparent’s home. For example, when I got married almost 4 years ago (whoa) these were the flowers that I wanted to the most. I won’t even lie, these along with a long weekend were the reasons why me and Z wed Memorial Day weekend. They were in my bridal bouquet and in our centerpieces. Their changing color is what drew me in.

As a woman, I think we get a little too hard on ourselves about getting older. You start worrying about holding on to your youth or what you think was absolute best self without ever giving that newer you a chance.

To me Coral Charm peonies exudes beauty that doesn’t shed as it gets older, it only reveals another layer. Complexity in the most simplest form: accepting and embracing change.

I have various other reasons as to why I love these blooms and chances are high that I will share another example soon.


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