Thursday, April 04, 2013


It’s a hazy day here in Los Angeles or at least from the hill where I am. Tonight I start a new fitness class in Downtown LA and like a new kid at their first day of school I’m so nervous. What if I fall? What if my shirt is too short? What if it is full fit people who have nothing else better to do? I hate being the slow one trying to catch up. And don’t even get me started on my (lack of) coordination skills. It’s kind of embarrassing. But then I remember that it only gets better after your first time.

This is how my love affair with poppies started. The first time I got these bouncy blooms not only did they not bloom but they died very quickly. After that experience and another one that had a slightly better result (3 stems opened) I steered clear of them and in a huff exclaimed “Stick with what you know!” (but that is so boring when there is some much to be found). Later, armed with more knowledge and confidence. I picked up a bunch and well, fell in love. I love their alien head looking pods. Their wiry stem that has certain spring in their look. Their flouncy petals are textural but can add some unexpected softness. I love that their bunches come in different colors too. Each time I picked up a bunch whether it is intentionally or just cause I found something else to love about them. I will try to keep that in mind when I’m struggling in class today.