Thursday, May 22, 2014

Hey You

After a series of half hearted attempts littered on both my dearly departed original and new(ish) hard drives, today is the day that I finally updated this little space of mine in part because it has been too quiet around here and because something needed to get to done that didn’t involve brainstorming. Considering that June will be here in less than 2 weeks it’s kind of embarrassing that back in December I had planned on blogging more for the new year. That was false.

Amongst all of the proposals, revisions, the emails, meetings, inspiration boards, daytime duties, and cocktails (because sometimes they are pertinent), I have been in my own world constantly expressing how there isn’t enough time for anything. While being busy is good for the most part, I’ve let the spring time when flowers are at their most alluring (no really, more people need to get married during this time of year) slip on by.

May is especially my favorite Spring month. I mean how can you not love it? It’s in the sweet spot where spring and summer start flirting with each other. When the colors get a bit more depth but there are those little blossoms still linger with the promise that there is more to come. So much goodness happens this month that I really adore it.

I made this arrangement for my Mom when she came for a visit Mother’s Day weekend. She’s considered getting peony bushes for her yard. I seriously considered encouraging it for my own selfish reasons.

My photo skills (or the little had) are lost. More practice is in order. I will schedule it in somewhere.

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